These are the rules by which UDS members must follow for Distribution, Sales, and Growth of Club Plants:



Club Officers or their designee will receive all plants and maintain careful labeling.  Plants which can safely be divided to single fans will be separated and re-labeled.

Eligible Members

Club dues must be current to be eligible to receive plants on the distribution date.  Married couples are considered two members if both paid full dues.  An adult member must sponsor youth members.  No family member my assume responsibility for more than four plants.


Any member who failed to return a previous club plant or failing to pay the designated fee, will be ineligible to receive additional plants until the debt is paid.

Plant Pick-Up

If a member cannot be at a meeting, they have two days to pick up their plant.  Upon that time, an Office of the club will take possession of that members plant to prevent plant stress, due to extended time not planted.


The Club will not deliver or mail any plants. Members should never mail plants back to the Club, or deliver the plant to the Club by anyone other than a Club Member.

Care For

Plants will be distributed among members wishing to grow the plants.


Plants are to be kept carefully labeled and properly tended to while in the grower's garden.


Plants should be divided only under exceptional circumstances.

Pollen & Seedpods

Pollen can be used for hybridization, but seedpods should be removed to maximize plant growth and vigor.

Club Flowers

Flowers entered in the Club Show should be labeled as a Club Flower.


Growers wishing to purchase plants at auction, may keep two fans in the ground.  Pricing for grower will be lowest bid, or half of Eureka Price.

Drop-Off Deadline

All Plants to be auctioned should arrive no later than 1:30PM, with labeling and wrapping completed.

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